Welcome gift ideas to make your Valentine's Day booking fall in love with your short-term rental

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February 11, 2022

If your short-term rental is booked this weekend, there's a good chance your guests are staying to celebrate Valentine's Day. While your guests are celebrating their love for each other, make them fall in love with your property at the same time.

Welcome gifts are a powerful tool for property managers to use to grow their rental business. When a guest walks into your rental and finds a gift or personalized note waiting for them, it kicks off their stay on a high note and increases the chance that the guest will leave a positive review and return to your property for future stays.

These welcome gifts are perfect for Valentine's Day but could be used for any stay on the calendar. Leave one of these gifts and the key to your place, and you just might earn the key to their heart (and their repeat bookings):

Fresh flowers

A welcome vase of cut flowers is a perfect addition to any rental. Not only can you choose flowers that are designed for Valentine's Day, but this welcome gift doubles as an opportunity to display some personality by using native flowers.

Want to take it a step further? Buy a batch of flowers in advance and have them delivered by Valentine's Day. There is no easier welcome gift than one that someone else delivers.

Box of chocolates

Find a local chocolate company and stock up on sampler packs for your short-term rental. A box of chocolates will be an appropriate welcome gift for a Valentine's Day booking, but can also be used for other purposes. Chocolate can also be used as an apology for a minor inconvenience during a guest stay or a token of appreciation for guests that are returning for a second or third stay.

A spa kit

Valentine's Day weekend is a perfect opportunity to welcome your short-term rental guests with a spa kit full of luxurious items. Include high quality soaps and shampoos, essential oils and your best and fluffiest towels. Package the items nicely and leave a note to to enjoy the items during their stay or take them home for future use.

Recommendations for local restaurants

It's easy enough for your guest to Google top restaurants in the area, but they'll trust and appreciate recommendations from you above what they find on the Internet.

A list of local restaurants is great content to include in your welcome guide any time of the year, but identify the most romantic spots for a Valentine's Day list.

If you offer a welcome guide for your guests (a great way to improve your hospitality), you can swap out recommendations based on upcoming holidays or in-season offerings.

Charcuterie plate and wine

It's hard to go wrong with cheese and wine, especially if you can find treats from local delis and wineries. If you're looking to score brownie points with your guests, ask about their tastes before they arrive.

Before you leave wine – or any alcohol – at your rental, be sure to check your short-term rental insurance policy. Many insurance policies do not allow property managers to keep alcohol on the property, but Proper Insurance is an exception. Proper understands that alcohol is often consumed during vacations, so alcohol coverage can be added for additional protections.


Consider setting the mood for your Valentine's Day booking. If your guests have explicitly indicated they are staying to celebrate the holiday, you can welcome them with rose pedals and candles (the fake LED ones, of course).

While a welcome gift cuts into your nightly revenue, many property managers find that strategically offering gifts can help grow a short-term rental business and brand. The time and money you invest in welcome gifts now will be reflected in reviews and bookings in the future.

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